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Rugbymania V – Success

rugbymania2016_fansRugbymania has officially been resurrected. Rugbymania V, aptly titled the resurrection, took place last Saturday at Maple Grove after a one-year hiatus. Spearheaded by Cole Hunt and Adam Setka, Rugbymania V was a mild success. After a year off the Assassin’s came out in full force to make the day a success, with two men’s teams, the competitive traveling team “Canadian Shield” that was made up of Assassins players and one American import from Minot*, and the majority of the women’s side, who showed up to heckle and support their club, there was a strong showing that can only get stronger as the event continues.rugbymania2016_saracens-assassins

The day started with perfect rugby weather, it was overcast with the sun peeking out every few hours. There was even a little bit of misty rain, which I’m sure the athletes appreciated.

With six men’s teams registered, the round robin lasted a few hours, and even though some field changes had to be made on the fly, it seemed to go off without a hitch.

Other clubs that put in teams were the Thistles, the Saracens, and the Wombats. They put up a good opposition.

The Thistles won two of their three games and then lost to the Wombats in the semi final.

rugbymania2016_Justin_shieldrugbymania2016_shield_uofmThe Wombats also won two, losing to the Shield in the round robin, but beating the Thistles in the semi final. That win guaranteed them a spot in the final.

The Saracens lost two games and won one game in the round robin, but lost to the Shield in the semi final.

The Shield steamrolled through the round robin round, they won all three of their games and secured a spot in the finals, where, unfortunately, they lost to the Wombats.

The Assassin’s were gracious hosts and lost five of the six games. Assassin’s 1 lost to Assassin’s 2 during the round robin. They graciously let the other teams have a shot at the cash prize that was up for grabs.

All in all it was a great way for people to get together and appreciate and play rugby.

Congratulations to the Wombats!

* Players from many teams can make up the team, including players from BC, Chicago, the Wasps, and the Wanderers.

Written by Stephanie Setka